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Having a reliable shower is of high importance to everyone, and to have that reliability, the installation service has to be done with the greatest care by expert shower installation professionals. The Calgary Service Plumbers are just the experts that you would want to have installing your shower & Bathtub fixtures. We pride ourselves on having quality work done, and our plumbers hold themselves to that guarantee, by providing an industry leading warranty on all our labour. By choosing Calgary Service Plumbers as your plumbing company you are going with some of the most highly trained and experienced plumbing professionals around, and as a result your plumbing work, including shower & Bathtub installations, will be long lasting and problem free.

High quality shower & Bathtubs installation is a fine art with very small tolerances to imperfection to obtain a leakproof shower enclosure without ugly caulks or gaskets. To get it perfect, installations needs to be exact and our technicians at Calgary Service Plumbers pride themselves on being the best in the business. We always work to get perfect results on all our jobs, whether it be installing your shower & Bathtub fixtures, making a new shower rough in, or any other plumbing work for your home or business.

Calgary Service Plumbers are specialists at installing showers and all kinds of shower fixtures, so call us at (403) 475-5552 or email us for a free estimate. You can be assured that we will be on time, and give you the best service in the Calgary.

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